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Immigration Law - Factors that May Affect Your United States Immigration Application/Petition For Your Family Member/Relative

November 25, 2018

Are you considering applying/petitioning for a family or relative to come and reside in the United states as a lawful permanent resident? Some Important factors when considering applying for your family member, are:

  • your own immigration status within the United States,
  • the relationship of the family member to you,
  • the country of residence and/or nationality of the family member,
  • your financial circumstances,
  • you and your family-member’s prior history of dealings or interaction with United States immigration, and
  • your family member’s criminal history.

My law practice can guide you in gathering relevant information, educate you regarding how each of these factors might affect your petition/application and represent you before the relevant U.S. Immigration agency.  To schedule an appointment, telephone (347) 644-0131, email [email protected], or go to the “Contact” page of this website and send a message utilizing our convenient message form!